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Crescent Kaleidoscope: BSSM

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Community

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Community
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A Sailor Moon community. After searching for SM communitites, and finding many faded away, I decided to create one.

This community is for anything related to the anime or manga, Sailor Moon. You can post links to fanfiction, post icons, talk about the anime or manga. Post about anything, as long as you can relate it to Sailor Moon. The point of this community is to promote discussion among fans.

If you have a Sailor Moon website, community, fanlisting, forum, auction, etc, feel free to post a link and give some information. You can post fanart, pictures of your cosplay costume, fanfics (behind lj-cuts or provide a link), graphics, promote your SM RPG, etc. Post about anything that relates to the BSSM anime or manga. You can even talk about the PGSM.


1) No flame wars.
2) If you post more then three icons, please use a lj cut.
3) No spam. You must relate all post to Sailor Moon.
4) Have fun. ^_-
5) If you post icons or fanfics rated above R, please post them behind LJ cut with a warning.

Members Introduction
New members, please post the following information and anything else you want to include:
Fan since and how much have you seen?:
Have you read the manga?:
Age (optional):
Favorite Senshi:
Favorite Villains:
Favorite season(s):
Other anime or manga you enjoy:

Background Information on myself
I've been a BSSM fan since it first aired in the USA when I was child (90's). I write Sailor Moon fanfiction under the penname Sailor Draco. I'm currently in college. I've seen all 200 episodes and have read the manga.
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