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Alias: Don't really have one...
Country:United States ^_^
Fan since and how much have you seen?:Fan since 1997? Maybe earlier. Have seen every dub episode, every japanese episode, and every movie and special.
Have you read the manga?: Yes, the english mixx and the japanese-english translations
Age (optional): 14
Favorite Senshi: Saturn, Venus, Pallas
Favorite Villains:Galaxia, Amazon Quartet
Favorite season(s): StarS, S
Other anime or manga you enjoy: Can't think of them, but trust me, there are many ^^
Website: All I have is my myspace, which I don't want to link to here >_
Michiru Manga

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Wow this community has slowed down. It's still alive though!

I wish they would reprint the Sailor Moon graphic novels. They are so hard to find used. Even better, I wish they would get liscensed by a different company and redub them unedited instead of still having that DiC version for 5 year olds.
wizards at work ym

Newbie and fic search....

Hi everyone *waves* I'm new to the community...and I'm not sure if this is allowed *looks around nervously* But I've been looking for a fic everywhere and I can't seem to find it...It's about Sailor Cosmos. She comes back to the past to fix a mistake...Sailor Cosmos gets hurt near the beginning and is taken to the hospital...the other Sailors of the present think she is an impostor or something.....Sailor Cosmos reveals that she is here to kill Sailor Mercury who has gone rogue in the future and ends up killing everyone in the future....I remember that it's a pretty long story.......*sigh* If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it a lot, and I'm sorry if this isn't allowed...feel free to delete this if it is!
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