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RPG pimpage! if not allowed, feel free to delete

Hi :D I'm part of a few great RPs here on LJ.
The first is multifandom, where there are only three Sailor Moon characters and more would be great. I'm especially looking for a manga!canon Rei :)
The second is a plot-intensive and dramatic Sailor Moon RPG. It's very high-quality RPing, and requires dedication because of its heavy plotline.
The third I just left because I need to cut down on RPs, seeing as I'm leaving for school soon. It's just starting up, but it's lots of fun and has lots of potential.
Please check the info pages! :D If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Rules, Info, Character List .::. Application

Info, Plot, Character List, Rules, Application

Info, Rules, Plot, Character List, Application

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