April 22nd, 2007

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More New Icons

This post has a mixture of anime, manga, dojinshi and live action actoresses. I hope you enjoy these icons. There are 19 altogether.

*Do not hotlink
*Please leave a comment if you are taking any or even if you aren't
*Please ask me first if you wish to change the icon and I still want credit for it if you change it
*Please credit snooky81 if you use any of my icons
*And thankyou for taking a look at my icons, your comments are very much appreciated.



X posted to a few communites. I apologise if you see this a few times.
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Newbie and fic search....

Hi everyone *waves* I'm new to the community...and I'm not sure if this is allowed *looks around nervously* But I've been looking for a fic everywhere and I can't seem to find it...It's about Sailor Cosmos. She comes back to the past to fix a mistake...Sailor Cosmos gets hurt near the beginning and is taken to the hospital...the other Sailors of the present think she is an impostor or something.....Sailor Cosmos reveals that she is here to kill Sailor Mercury who has gone rogue in the future and ends up killing everyone in the future....I remember that it's a pretty long story.......*sigh* If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it a lot, and I'm sorry if this isn't allowed...feel free to delete this if it is!
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