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I am selling...

Comics (English)
- Sailor Moon #12,13 (2,5to11,14,18,19,20to24,32,34,35)

1. Sailor Moon R The Movie: The Promise of the Rose VHS
2. Sailor Moon Super S The Movie: Black Dream Hole VHS

1. Sailor Moon Cards/Stickers/CCG
2. Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit TV Series Soundtrack (1996) Audio Cassette
3. Sailor Scout Dolls

Price is negotiable but also willing to trade. Look at my Wish List to see what I'm willing to trade for. Will mail to just about anywhere.
Selling other types of manga/comic series here.
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New Icons

Hey everyone I have more Sailor Moon icons to share with you guys. There are 27 in total. So please come and have a look. I appreciate comments even if you aren't taken any or want to offer advice. Remember though if you do take any please credit me and also please don't hotlink.
Now here are a couple of teasers for you guys.

(Click Here on this fake cut to transport to my Icons)

This is cross posted to a couple of communities. So I apologise if you see this a few times.

SM Drabble Contest

I'm part of the staff on That SM Fanficton archive has just had a drabble competition. We are looking for people to nominate/vote the drabbles entered for several categories. You do NOT have to be a registered member of the site to vote.
Below is the news post directly from the website. Please spread the word. Lots of SM fanfic authors entered who actually post in SM communities on LJ.
Romance Themes Drabbles Challenge OPEN FOR NOMINATIONS

Hey Everybody!

The SMFFQCC are excited to announce to you that the nomination form for the Romance Themes Drabbles List Challenge is now open. You can now nominate and/or second your favorites from the entered drabbles for the following categories:

* Best Drabble
* Most Romantic Drabble
* Funniest Drabble
* Most Creative Drabble
* Most Touching Drabble
* Best Short Drabble (under 500 words)
* Best Long Drabble (over 1500 words)
* Best True Drabble (100 words exactly)
* Best Use of a Theme Drabble

So if you are ready to place your nominations, head on over to the Nomination Form and get to nominating your favorites!

Feel free to advertise...those voting do not have to be registered members of or and the more participating, the better!
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Any Haruka/Michiru fans here? I'd like to pimp a friend of mine's work on pen name is wind_n_sky_priestess and she's a-mahzing. Do R & R, dahlins!

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Calling all fanfiction writers

Calling all sailor moon fanfiction authors...

I own a large, growing, open fanfiction archive for Sailor Moon & Fushigi Yuugi. We accept chapter stories, drabbles, one parters, etc. All categories are welcome: romance, drama, comedy, crossovers, alternate reality, etc. Hentai, yuri, and yaoi are also welcomed---those fanfics will have pop up warnings.

Accounts are free and have features like favorite authors list, favorite fanfiction list, and alerts when those are updated. There are also reviews and a star rating system. The site is one year old this month. Please help spread the word about the archive open for submissions. Thank you. ^_^

- Sailor Draco
VM - Camera Spy

eternalwarriors - NEW RP!


This Sailor Moon Roleplay Community is freshly started but ready for adventure and some game-time, roleplay fun. For further information, I will now promptly direct your attention to the userinfo as everything imperative for you to know is contained there. I can not stress this more.

As of currently, however, applications are welcome, as well as questions, comments and concerns. Feel free to voice yourself.

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From oldest to newest :) (shamelesspluggingthepinkwingsshamelessplugging)

Title: finally growing
Character(s): Sailor Chibi Moon
Warnings: SPOILER for the end of the Black Moon arc of the manga!!
Rating: G
Notes: For my fanart50 art challenge. Her fingers look like sausages D:


Title: Auntie Haruka!
Character(s): Chibiusa, Haruka
Warnings: platonic fluff?
Rating: G
Notes: Visualizing my interpretation of Chibiusa and Haruka's relationship :D Part 1 of the "Blue" prompt of my Chibiusa claim at fanart100 (if I ever get accepted, dammit!!)


Title: Gay Marriage Support
Character(s): ReixMinako
Warnings: Girl love!
Rating: PG
Notes: It's now colored! :D I still need to figure out what gay couple to draw for it T__T


Title: P. Uranus' head
Character(s): Princess Uranus
Warnings: SPOILER for the Dream Arc of the manga (already spoiled by now though :P)
Rating: G
Notes: I might make a series, and sell them as bookmarks. Whaddya think? :)


Title: Chibi Moon's BIG CONUNDRUM
Character(s): Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Warnings: slight language, sexual implications
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Oh, I crack myself up XDDD Also part of my challenge at fanart50


Title: scared little girl
Character(s): Chibiusa (and Luna-P?)
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Notes: DDD: Somehow a very different style spouted out of my brush pen O_o; Part of fanart50 challenge.


Character(s): Chibiusa, Neo-Queen Serenity
Warnings: SPOILER for end of Black Moon Arc in manga/anime (if you squint)
Rating: G


Title: Cuddling Closer
Character(s): ReixMinako
Warnings: Partial view of boob and nipple :/
Rating: R
Notes: Nudity, girl love, ReixMinako... It's all good :3

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